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Stefan            Rudbäck       

M Sc              & owner of    Matematica

Matematica develops flow and energy computers to the industry,

like power plants, oil & gas industry and energy savings in buildings.

NEW SOFTWARE: DPNS tech for increased safety and decreased uncertainty

Examples of products;


- Processline engineering software för flow in tubes

Calculation of flow measurement, pressure loss, valves, thermodynamics

& energy, can be handled based on best possible scientific standards and tables


-Matematica.LIb online software;

Ex 1; Calculation of flow threw orifice plate, venturi and nozzle flowmeters.

Ex 2; Calculation of power production in power plants.

Ex 3; Calculation of natural gas flow threw a pipeline with 0,1% uncertainty.


Ex of medias handled by Processline/Matematica.lib;

(O2/Ar/N2...,steam, water, natural gas/GNG/Bio gas/Erdgas).


-Free Heat tech

reduces energy consumptions in buildings typical >75%

More iformation see below.

More information;

Ex; Design (including codegeneration for controlsystems) of

standardized dp-flowmeters,like orifice plates,venturis,V-cones and nozzles. Can reduce measurement and calculation error from 10 to<1%.

-Flow/energy hard and soft-computers

Can be delivered as;

1. Hardware; based on ABB or Siemens CPU

2. Software; Deloivered on a CD to be implemented in customer ABB or Siemens CPU.

Ex; Calculates natural gas mass/energy flow with Matematica's;

1. dpns (typical <0,4% unc) technology or 

2. hp (<0,7%) technology .


A function block library for standardized controlsystem (IEC 61131),

like ABB industrial IT and Siemens PCS 7, with scientific accuracy and general applicability.

-dpns*-technology improves accuracy, reliability and safety in plants.

*double precision non stop 

Ex: Can be used for power calculation of an industrial boiler with a total

calculation uncertainty < 0,5% (much better than typical 5% for a linear


Free Heat tech

reduces energy consumptions in buildings typical >75%


Marketleading engineering software for flow in tubes.

If You are interested, read more on this site or please contact;


Stefan Rudbäck, civ ing (M Sc)

skype; stefan.rudback

+46 708387910

PS Dear Mr Putin

Please let Matematica check Your flowmeters for natural gas in and out from Ukraina. Maybe the "disapperance" of gas is a flowmeter problem.